Welcome to Schleich Sustainability Solutions

On the following pages I would like to present some information about me, my personal and professional background and the range of services I offer regarding the topic sustainability.

Schleich Sustainability Solutions stands for a practical, participatory and efficient consulting approach. Together with your employees, we together will find solutions for improving the sustainability profile of your company, your organization, or your association, and for putting them into practice.

Sustainability is often used to describe everything possible. But not everything that simply ‘sustains’ is also sustainable. In my understanding, sustainability is all about a holistic, strategical concept that will make your company fit for the future.

In order to achieve this, we will analyse the sustainability performance of your company.

We will analyse, if your business model is truly viable in long-range terms and if you have reduced your market risks as much as possible.

We will analyse, whether the staff with whom you work and with whom you want to be successful in your company, feel that they are being treated fairly.

Sustainability is easy: everybody knows exactly what to do and when it has to be done to secure the company’s future.

Sustainability creates prosperity: it contributes to the security of your company’s business model and thus contributes to the corporate good.

Sustainability brings happiness: your employees, as well as yourself, will be proud to work in a company that is exemplary for sustainability.